The Sales Reset Revolution Begins

Sep 04, 2021

It's early September 2021. For over 35 years, I've been training and coaching B2B sales teams and their sales team leaders. For the largest part of those years, my work with clients was about running training courses in hotels and conference centres.

And then, in the Spring of last year, very suddenly, I found myself doing all of my work with clients online. Across the world, many people made the switch to working remotely. We have all been surprised, perhaps even shocked at the ease with which we've all adapted.

Impact has increased

It's not just that we've coped. The outcomes and impact of my work with clients have improved.

The ease and increased frequency of contact with clients has meant that I've got closer to their challenges and priorities. In addition, adding video into my coaching sessions has undoubtedly enabled me to achieve more.

But there's only one of me.

Online academy and community

Even before the COVID pandemic struck, I was aware of the opportunity to develop online resources. I have been particularly aware of the value of online communities.

About three years ago, I set up my video recording studio and got to grips with the technology. I had a go at creating and publishing some online courses. However, I wasn't at all convinced about what I developed. I knew that I was heading in the right direction, but I had not yet arrived at a place of sufficient clarity.

In the meantime, the software tools for creating and managing online training and communities are becoming more capable and easy to use.

Focus on Sales Reset

About four years ago, we started to work with a specialist manufacturer of barrier films. Early on in the project, my wife Jean came up with the idea to call the project a "Sales Reset". The name worked well as a way of communicating the significance of what we were doing.

The phrase Sales Reset implied that everything was under review. Sales Reset meant that everybody had permission to challenge and improve every element of selling. I particularly like the implication of iterative sales resets that never end. Learning is all about experimenting to see what works.

We registered the "Sales Reset" trademark, and we bought the domain.

The Sales Reset Tech Stack

Initially, we had a go at building a Sales Reset Academy using WordPress and a wide range of plugins and associated SaaS applications. But it quickly became far too complicated. As a result, all of our available time was spent wrestling with the tech, not developing the content we wanted to publish and make available.

In the last few weeks, we've made some significant changes to our choice of software platforms. So, inevitably, it's taken even more time to learn how to use these new tools.

And we're now almost ready to go live. Exciting!!

What happens next?

We'll start small and low key, inviting small numbers of team members from our existing clients. There's a lot to do. We need to develop the training materials and courses. All of the automations that will underpin easy communication must be created. Everything needs testing with a sufficiently wide range of people and situations.

And the net result will be the emergence of "The Sales Reset Revolution"!

Our goal is to start accepting new members of the Sales Reset Academy and Community before the end of September.


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